how I teach

What you will learn

JavaScript (ES6) & React.js

You will learn JavaScript (ES6) and React.js (and also some HTML5 / CSS3) - the technologies that are in high demand on the programming market.

Just give these sites a skim and you will know that the market for JavaScript developers is hot:

These sites show that the skills you will gain are well paid:

Benefits for you

Find out how you will benefit from the training

no limits for consultations

The more you ask the more you will learn. There are no limits like in other trainings that you have e.g. 5 hours of consultations per week. You can use me as much as you need until you have full understanding of a topic.

portfolio of projects and code to show

You will create practical projects so the employers can see how good you are and that you can really create something useful. I will be constantly reviewing your code so the employers will see that you can contribute to their company with quality solutions.

Real work environment simulation

You will be learning through practical projects and work in a way that you would do in a normal company. This will give you a huge advantage while searching for a job because the employers will know that you can get to coding right away without losing much time on induction

help in getting a job

I will give you tips how to write a good resume and how to prepare for a job interview.

access to recruiters

As an experienced developer I have constant contact with lots of recruiters. I can recommend you for their current job openings.

the more effort and time you put the more you get

I'm always there for you so the more you work and ask the more you learn.

flexible learning

You're not constrained by any fixed hours. You learn when it's convienient for you.

flexible duration

My estimation to train a person to be comfortable in getting a job in programming is 3 months. But it really depends on pace of work of a trainee so it can be less if you put all you got into learning.

no fixed path

People are different. Unlike coding schools, I can quickly adjust to every trainee.

support after training is finished

You can reach me anytime you want after training if you need some advice or help.

flexible payments

You don't need to pay for the whole training upfront. Check the pricing section.

open road to a career in programming

After finishing the training you will have all the skills + a strong portfolio of projects that will let you find a job and show a future employer that you can contribute to the project right away.

Why should you choose me ?

Find out the reasons why to choose me as your mentor in the programming learning adventure

I have results and success stories teaching people from zero experience to finding a programming job

On my blog, you can find a testimonial from one of my trainees that got a job in programming with absolutely no previous experience. Click here to read the story.

steering to the right path of development

As an experienced developer I know exactly what skills is a must have to learn and what things can be omitted in the beginning of learning. Proper selection of materials to learn from saves you time and you won't get frustrated while learning things that you are not ready for. Time is the greatest asset.

quick and rapid development

When you have doubts / questions / have no progress etc. you will get a quick response from me and a thorough explanation along with examples so you are sure that you fully understand the topic. In most cases my response rates will be around 30 minutes.

extremely quick contact

Most often my response time will be around 30 - 60 minutes (and quicker). This will make your learning fast and comfortable and will let you avoid frustration when you're stuck. In case of any issues we can do instant chatting which will dramatically improve your progress.

experience in IT and training

I've been a professional developer for a couple of years and I worked as an IT trainer for over 2 years working with people with no previous IT experience so I know how to pass knowledge which will give you the right skills and results

I'm not a company

I'm a passionate developer who likes to share his knowledge.

I'm not a coding school

The main disadvantage of coding schools is number of people in the class - usually 8 - 12. I train no more then a few people at the same time so you can be sure that you will get as much attention as needed to make quick progress.

I'm available for you without time constraints

That's right! Unlike many coding schools I will devote as much time as needed for you if needed. I won't charge extra money for anything.

taking things seriously

I'm always 100% devoted to anything I do. That's why I will train no more than a few people at the same time because I know how much time it takes to do it right.


My method of teaching

Here is a step by step description how you are going to learn new skills

    1. I provide or suggest materials for learning. Proper selection of materials is crucial on every stage. Be sure that you are learning what is really needed and that current materials are fitted to your level of progress and help you grow.

    2. You learn from the materials and ask questions. Lots of questions. In case of any doubts you will ask questions and receive instant reply with a thorough explanation along with examples if needed.

    3. Small tasks to consolidate knowledge. I will check if you have good understanding of a topic and will point things that are needed to be covered more deeply through practical coding tasks.

    4. Developing real projects. After you gain some basics we will start creating some projects. You will learn a lot during this process and will have a strong portfolio to show to your future employer and stand out on the market with good quality code.


I'm very flexible and trainee-oriented. I accept monthly payments. You can pay only half the price for the first month upfront and rest later to see if I'm a good fit for you as a mentor.

I charge 499 dollars (USD) per month (~ 440 EURO / 385 GBP). Cost of a typical coding bootcamp is around 5000 - 20000+ USD (those are group trainings, not one-to-one so the attention of a trainer is divided).

The average monthly salary for a JavaScript Developer in the U.S.A. is around 111,271 USD per year. In the United Kingdom it's over 4000 pounds per month (~ 5000 USD).

Compare my prices with other trainings. The costs are real. They aren't made up. Do some research by yourself or take a look at example trainings here, here, here, here and here.

Get In Touch

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